Meditation with Essential Oils

The combination of meditation and essential oils affect the memory and senses of the body/mind for consciousness awareness, stimulation, healing, resting, and sleeping.

The therapeutic value of essential oils is known as the gifts from the earth’s natural chemistry.  When we influence one system of the body, the effects extend systemically.  The Limbic system also known as the body’s emotional control center is critically important when it comes to aroma.  Taste, hear, eat, and especially smell heavily influence this system. The Hypothalamus regulates the limbic system and has a direct link to neurochemistry stimulation throughout the body



(1)  When we breathe in the aroma of the oil from a purple flower called Lavender, it calms our mood, supports rest, sleep, and benefits the entire body.


(2)  Frankincense is treasured oil from a gum-like resin, and also known as the King of Oils. The five month harvesting requires great skill and years of practice to perform correctly.  Frankincense oil builds and maintains the immune system, inflammatory response, cellular health regeneration, and reduces signs of aging.


(3)  Wild Orange is a powerful cleanser and purifying agent protecting against seasonal changes, high in antioxidants and uplifting the spirit, mind and body.


Meditation makes a difference in the brain, and when breathing in the essential oil aroma enlivens the senses taking us into deeper states of meditation, deeper levels of consciousness, deeper body/mind awareness, deeper cellular and molecular healing.

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