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Your body and everything in the universe is energy that is always changing form. Every cell and molecule in your body is intelligent and eavesdropping on every thought, every conversation, even the TV news. The body (energy) takes that information and then releases chemical (energy) to match.

Rhona talks to your entire energy body: DNA, molecules of emotion, cells, tissue, brain activity, blood flow, organs, inherited energy of ancestors, illness/disease, atomic and sub-atomic particles, our stories with their self-fulfilled prophecies.

During the imagery, all aspects of you are shifted to higher vibrational frequencies that are connecting with higher states of consciousness. Consciousness when added to anything can change it. Quantum energetics are supporting healing the body, preparing for a major event or medical procedure, or dealing with a stressful situation, change a pattern/behavior, better manage your lifestyle, releasing what no longer serves you, embracing your unseen power, directing the particle or the wave of creation, connecting with unseen forces in the field of all possibilities.

Please allow for two hours if needed for the phone imagery. During the imagery, you are silent, just listening and recording the information (frequency carries information). You can move around, give yourself a manicure, eat or drink. Time may feel distorted and passes by quickly. Your imagination is a playground for spirit to play with you by expanding your awareness, interest, and healings on many levels.

Recording the imagery is recommended for reinforcement. There are several free “two-way conversations” recording cell phone downloads. Quantum imagery is very relaxing and yet powerful. Some have said “life-changing”.

Quantum Imagery and Clinical Hypnosis phone sessions offered globally Pacific Time (California) daily, weekends and holidays. Call today to schedule at (714) 974-4094.

Surgery preparation requires talking to the whole body and mind. Knowing that every cell is filled with intelligence and by using the quantum physics language, talking to the smallest parts of you: your cells, messenger mosurvivorslecules, subatomic particles, tissues and to the exact surgical site itself. Feeling in control and focused on your body’s extraordinary ability to maintain blood pressure and other vital signs will help you prepare for even the most complicated surgeries. 

Reconnecting to every aspect of your biological cells intelligence for healing and stimulating the immune system. Talking to your bodies pharmacy releasing your natural Morphine. Your body remembers wellness. 

Using Guided Imagery and/or hypnosis, you can support your Chemo and Radiation efforts, while encouraging the healthy cells to reproduce, loving every healthy cell.

Imagery and Clinical Hypnosis used to relax the body and fully engage the mind/body awareness, supporting and enhancing the immune system, sending blood flow and nutrition to the tissue for healing.

Imagery connects the points of light (Chi) with the river of light (energy) inside the body for profound healing.

Imagery offers deeper relaxation, releasing stress and creating divine bliss

Imagery is “Sports Medicine” for the mind, Example: A Basketball player is sitting on the bench during the game because of an injury.  However in his mind he is playing the game and the same Neurons fire.  With imagery, you are off the bench and back in the game.  Energy follows thought – by building strength with intentions and feelings.

Imagery is like a peaceful bedtime story that helps our body relax, putting stress on the shelf, releasing Melatonin, our own natural sleeping chemical and allowing a deep wonderful peaceful sleep.

Imagery creates a safe place for your mind to rest. Supporting you and simply finding peace within. Reframing the way we look or feel about the cancer challenge, and celebrate that we are not the cancer cells, we are bigger and more powerful.  Our “Imagination is more important than knowledge” according to Einstein, and Napoleon said “Imagination rules the world”.

The body reflects every emotional feeling and reacts the same whether the fear is from a real event or an imagined event.  How we deal with fear is important because it affects us on a cellular level and influences the way our body heals. Using the power of your mind, we release the thought form called “fear” and step into courage.

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