Energies of 2018 the 2 Year

Energies of 2018 the 2 Year

2+0+1+8 add up to 11 (Master number)

1 + 1 is 2.  A 2 year in the Science of Numbers


February 16, 2018 Chinese New Year: The Year of the Dog: faithful, loyal, unconditional love.


We are in the 2nd year of the 9 year cycle.

The second year of the nine year cycle is similar to being pregnant.  Something is happening and we are each growing with potential.  We need to create sacred space to support the dream that is growing inside.


December 17, 2017 the turning of the wheel, Winter Solstice when the energies of 2017 shifted into the energies of 2018.  The masters are strongly felt this year and the Code of the Dragon Lines awakens. The Dragon Lines within the earth hold the ancient wisdom of being aware of the importance of divine partnerships with all beings and with all things. Remembering our ancient vows with the Dragon Lines to maintain the balance of nature and not be divided from it.  Balance your alliance with the natural world, within nature: aware of the moon cycles, the feel of the earth barefooted, the wind and the smells of flowers, tress, rain, thunder, the taste of salt on your lips from the sea air.  Consciously with expanded awareness create sacred alliances with all that is.


The 2 year is a year of choices and can only be limited by our perceptions. Examine and build a relationship with service to our self and our service to humanity.  The courage to trust our abilities to do what we love and build a balanced and healthy relationship with finances, while making  necessary course adjustments. Gathering together as often as possible with likeminded souls can assist us with energetic support.


A new consciousness of tolerance will begin as we are on the same journey together in sacred relationships and holy alliances that are all built on trust and integrity with no hidden agendas for personal gain/greed.  Small acts of kindness and compassion will increase this year.  This is the year when we begin to comprehend with greater clarity that we are all intricately connected one to the other.  The extra effort given to show someone how much they mean to us will be important.


Value our place within the larger community as we hold steady on the dreams we set in motion in 2017 during the #1 year: 2+0+1+7=-10 the #1 year.

The #1 year is the foundation for the next 9 year cycle.   The #2 year energy is for the good in humanity to shine through and when you look for it you will find it. Forgiveness and non-judgement, accept change when it appears yet remain true to your values and the higher vibration of wisdom and truth emerge.  In every action and choice with another, feel or say, how can I support you to make your dream happen?  And that alliance supports your dream too. Partnerships with self, trust yourself, your institutions and your abilities. Self-love, believe in self. You can only move forward when you believe in yourself. Integrity and truth most important with new alliances, supportive partnerships, unions, are heart centered more than head centered. Respect the tools you have gathered, faithful to the dream you carry within in you.


During 2018 the past and future merge. Use the tools you have gathered from the past to support your transition and with these powerful energetics.


2018 Relax into the present, slow down, be grateful and patiently wait for the seed (YOU) to blossom.  For these twelve months we watch the unfolding of our dream through the formation of sacred relationships.



Energy follows thought: focus on what is working


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