What Does It All Mean?


Use your own internal wisdom to reach goals, overcome obstacles and feel great. The key is the powerful link between your mind and body connecting you deeply to your senses and emotions. Guided Imagery activates your autonomic nervous system: The central command post deep in the brain that regulates body functions.


When you had that thought, creation began to manifest.Neuroscientist have now proven that your thoughts are powerful. What you think becomes you biology by changing the molecular drama within every cell. Your body has information molecules called Peptides and their receptors that regulate every aspect of your physiology. With each thought or emotion, the physiology of your body changes. Affecting the autoimmune system, nervous system, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rhythm, elimination, digestion, sleeping and energy levels. Being aware of your body and mind connection is powerful for accelerated healing.


Hypnosis is normal and a natural state you go in and out of every day of your life. Hypnosis is focused attention or awareness on a thought or idea. Example: Driving on the freeway, while in deep thought you drive past your exit. During Hypnosis, you are deeply relaxed and also wide awake aware of everything and in total control.


Over 5000 years ago the ancient wisdom teachers in the Vedic traditions in India were able to hear the primordial sounds of the universe.  They created a mathematical calculation based on the position of the moon at the time and location of a birth.

Many Vedic Scholars, Deepak Chopra and other researchers have gathered the ancient writings and mystical information.  The researchers all have agreed and revitalized this information.  Now downloaded onto the computer and taught to meditation Instructors that are offering the mantra sounds to the peoples in the West and to the world.

Modern science (NASA) has recordings of primordial sounds in the universe.  Those sounds the ancients heard and knew them. One of the 108 primordial sounds is yours to use during meditation, powerfully connecting you to the primordial vibration at the time of your birth enhancing your meditation practice.

Rhona is offering meditation to corporations, special events, group meetings, individuals and families. I am also available to whisper a mantra into the ear of a newborn or young baby.

Rhona also offers 2 hour Om Meditation classes for individuals or groups.

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The United States Department of Health and Human Services estimates that more than six million Americans across the country from the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic and New York City’s Columbia University Medical Center use Guided Imagery. The U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs uses the technique to help veterans recover from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Hoag Memorial Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital, BreastLink and the Cordelia Knott Wellness Foundation in Orange County, California have Guided Imagery CD’s available for their patients.

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