DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) The Genetic Geometry Blueprint Found In All Living Things

DNA has coded messages of expression that are greater in numbers than the subatomic particles in our Solar System making you very interesting, unique, unlimited and vast as the universe. Any one part of the DNA is like the whole. The Macro reflects the Micro and represents you as the universe in microcosm. Families are genetically interconnected (genetic inheritance, information transfer) through the DNA’s ability to duplicate itself.


Every living cell is made of just six elements: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Sulphur in a self-replicating pattern.

DNA is composed of two spiral helix.  DNA combines into strands called chromosomes. Different species have a different number of Chromosomes.  Humans have 46 (23 pairs).  DNA appears as a spiral ladder with a series of rungs holding together the two strands.  The DNA double helix requires ten rungs to make a complete turn.


Have you noticed the perfection of a Nautilus shell, counted the rows on a pinecone, arrangement of Sunflower seeds, the number of rose petals or wondered about the spiral structure in your own DNA? What ties this all together is a mathematical formula called Phi, also called the Golden Mean and is Sacred Geometry.  The helix is a 3-D spiral related to growth: its form can be seen in cyclones, hurricanes, honeysuckle and morning glory plants, the horns of an antelope or ram and in our DNA. The ancient Greeks created the Caduceus.  A symbol for medicine with two serpents curled around a wand resembling the DNA structure before the discovery of the spiral human DNA in 1953.

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