Guided Imagery Simple Exercises

Our body is a field of living information and intelligence. In recent year’s neurobiologist have provided us scientific explanations for this process. Through advanced technology, including brain-mapping studies and positron-emission tomography (PET) scans, we now know that every sensory perception and its associated emotional reaction leads to changes in the electricity and chemistry of our physiology. Our sensory experiences have either life-supporting or life-damaging effects on our mind and body. Every imaginary experience can have potent physiological effects.

Try this simple exercise:

  • Imagine hearing a shrieking ambulance go by, imagine listening to a violin
  • Imagine being stung by a bee, imagine holding a baby in your arms
  • Imagine witnessing an automobile accident, imagine watching a dramatic sunset
  • Imagine tasting a bitter medicine, imagine biting into a juicy sweet Mango
  • Imagine the smell of a Skunk, imagine the aroma of a beautiful flower

Each of these sensations, pleasurable or uncomfortable, imaginary or real, changes our body. When sensory stimulation is soothing your body releases health-promoting chemicals. When it is toxic or negative, stress hormones are released. These various chemicals have the ability to nourish or deplete our body.

The nervous system plays a key role in this process, it is an amazing apparatus that identifies filters, interprets, and responds to the energy and information received through the senses.

These neurophysiological changes affect every cell of our being. Our interpretations, emotions and feelings are encoded into chemical messengers. Your thoughts and words are literally made into flesh.

When stressed, we release the chemicals coded for stress and every cell receives that message. When you feel joyful, peaceful and relaxed your body produces natural pleasure chemicals called endorphins that are similar to prescription tranquilizers. Your body is an expression of your experiences.

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