You are Stardust

Every little cell in your body is infused with the energy of a collapsed star


We live on a small blue water planet spinning at 1000 miles per hour out in the Milky Way in the ever-expanding universe. Everything that we are, every single cell in our body contains elements created in the burning center of a collapsing star, from the Iron in our blood to every bit of calcium in our bones and keratin in our hair. The entire periodic table, every element you’re ever heard of was processed inside the body of a star that exploded. We are not just figuratively but literally made of stardust. You are stardust looking back up at the sky. The only thing in the universe that can make a bigger atom is a star.

Dr. Michelle Thaller

We are Dead Stars

U tube for science information

Astronomer & Science Communicator

NASA Goddard Space Center

Astrophysicist Neil de Grasse, and quoted again by Carl Sagan said

“And that is no small thing”.


Stardust Awareness

YOU are millions of spinning molecules in space

YOU are space and energy always changing form

YOU are connected to everything and everyone


Explore and Imagine in the Quantum Field of Pure Potential, Pure Intelligence

Mediate and journey into the “Gap” the Fourth State of Consciousness


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