Quantum Healing

Revised 2015 edition, by Deepak Chopra

All quotes and stories are from the revised book, “Quantum Healing” Shared by Rhona Jordan


  • Meditation is silent intelligence.
  • Meditation remains the most powerful and direct means to connect with the mind’s deeper level.
  • It activates a hidden force.
  • The inner intelligence that scientific evidence supports, Is that the mind can move molecules and is just a wondrous as faith can move mountains.
  • Being relaxed and easy, mindfulness, acceptance of things as they are.
  • Putting value on being, trust, believing in the wisdom of uncertainty.
  • Allegiance to a higher level of intelligence that organize reality


American physiologist, Robert Keith Wallace (1967) research showed that meditators achieved their deepest relaxation quickly. It takes four to six hours after falling asleep to reach the period where oxygen consumption fall to its lowest level, while meditators took only a few minutes. Moreover, in sleep the drop is usually less than 16 percent, whereas meditators achieve relative reductions that momentarily dipped almost twice as low. It was also very important that the subjects had not fallen asleep or gone into a trance. They were fully awake inside, even feeling a sense of heightened awareness. Wallace concluded therefore that meditation was a state of hypometabolic wakefulness, since his measurements were different from any seen in waking, dreaming or sleeping.


Wallace concluded that he had verified an entirely new state of consciousness, the fourth state.


Music experiment: A trained musician hears pitch and harmony where someone who is tone-deft hears noise. One experiment involved training them to hear the rhythm in a different way. The subjects reported that the sounds seemed livelier and fresher. Clearly the experiment had taught people to slightly alter their invisible boundaries. However the really interesting results was that when they went home, these people found that colors looked brighter, music sounded happier, the taste of food was suddenly more delicious and everyone around them appeared lovable.

Just the slightest opening of awareness caused a reality shift. Meditation, because it opens more channels of awareness, opened them to a deeper level causes a bigger shift.

Gerontology, the aging experiment: Robert Keith Wallace research stated: If old people can retain their mental faculties by continually using them, then the practice of mediation, which opens the awareness completely, should do even more.   Wallace’s basic finding was that long-term meditators did decrease their biological age by five to twelve years. (high levels of a hormone called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) were found. It has been speculated that DHEA somehow helps to retard aging and perhaps inhibit the onset of growth of cancer. The research suggests that aging is controlled by consciousness.

Just the disease of being in a hurry hastens aging in almost everyone today. If meditation counters these factors, then it might reveal something entirely new about the aging process.

Wallace set out to measure a group of adult meditators for what is called biological age. Biological age shows how well a person’s body is functioning compared to the norm population. Wallace discovered that the meditators as a group were significantly younger biologically than their chronological age. The difference between the two was not small. The female subject who scored the best was fully twenty years younger than her chronological age.

A back up study conducted in England later calculated that each year of regular meditation takes off roughly one year of aging. A typical 60 year old meditating five years or more would have the physiology of a 48 year old.


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