The Five Metal Bowls and Bells are the Primordial Sound

Primordial Sounds have energetic aligning power as they flow through every cell, molecule, atomic and subatomic particle in your body. Primordial Sounds can be made used gongs, chimes, crystal bowls, metal bowls, drums, sticks, wind, and thunder and are all natural vibrations to induce states of transformation and meditation.

Over 50 years ago, I was gifted with a bowl and a bell from Tibet which were taken from the same Tibetan Monastery. They are also known as the Five Tissues or 5 Layers representing the five metals. This bowl and bell were forged with the Iron from a meteorite.

The Five Metals are always a combination of Copper, Tin, Zink, Iron and a precious metal of either Gold or Silver.  The craftspeople that make the Five-Metals bowls and bells especially cherish Iron from Meteorites.

To play the Five Metals Bowl or Bell: Using a small round wood mallet tap on the outside edge or side of the bowl  or bell and then rub the wooden mallet in a  clockwise direction around the outside rim of the bowl or bell. The metal bowl and bell produces vibrations that can resonate beyond the ears ability to receive sound.  The whole body easily resonates with the sound not just the eardrum. This pure vibration ripples on a cellular level for a natural state of cellular and molecular alignment. The sound vibrations can continue affecting the physical and emotional body for days.

During the Five Metals Bowl or Bell Sound Mediation ask yourself the soul questions: Who am I?  What do I want?  How can I serve?  What am I grateful for?

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