Walking the Labyrinth-The Word Labyrinth: Pre-Greek Origin

Tracing the Labyrinth with your finger or walking in the Labyrinth represents all aspects of the “life path” with its spiritual and physical journey from birth to death and rebirth.   It is used as a method for prayer and contemplation.  Walking the Labyrinth unwinds the mind from stress and worries, and creates calm and peace in the physiology of the body. It represents your journey, step by step taking you closer to the center of the Labyrinth on a mini pilgrimage.


You enter the Labyrinth and follow the path to the center, take your time in the center welcoming your connection to this powerful energy vortex, then turn and walk back out the same path.  As you take the first step, emotionally leaving the outside world and travel in a sacred geometric mathematical circular patterned spiral. You are walking a sacred space within sacred geometry.


The Labyrinth represents consciousness where you are able to capture insights, creativity, calm, peace and healings. The Labyrinth is building and storing energy with each person’s prayer. The center is powerful because many people spend more time here in contemplation and prayer.  The Labyrinth vortex continues spiraling up into the cosmos, as above, so below, spiraling into the field of all possibilities.


The Labyrinth has been used for 4,500 years by many different cultures and mystical religious traditions worldwide and no one know for certain when it first originated.   In this current time there are hospitals, universities, churches, spas and back yards with Labyrinths to release or unwind old patterned stuck energy and experiencing spiritual alignment, energy shifts and expanded awareness.

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