The Connection of Love and Healing

Love is the Acceptance of all Things,

 Including your Power to Change all Things

 Quote by Paul Brenner, MD.

Love may be essential to the healing process.  Unfortunately, many people with chronic pain have forgotten (or have never learned) how to love.  For example many have learned to hate and mistrust their bodies, for throughout their illness they have perceived their bodies as an enemy that has turned on them.  This, of course is hardly the case.  If instead, those patients would learn to trust and care for their bodies, to love and nourish them with relaxation, good food, and positive imagery, they might suddenly find themselves moving down the road to health.

Think for a moment about the best possible analgesic for a child.  I know of nothing that promotes self-healing faster or more effectively than a mother’s kiss on a skinned knee and the love that accompanies it.  If you apply the same principle to your own illness, you can see why it is so important to love your body, your emotions and your mind.

Your cells are intelligent.  When you are feeling compassion or love for your self the cells and messenger molecules respond, creating an enhanced immune system. When you are not in harmony with yourself the cells and messenger molecules deliver a very different message.

To love all of you is the best medicine of all

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