Meditation and Science

Have you ever wondered what meditation is? And why is everyone doing it? Meditating 20 -30 minutes every day makes a difference in the brain. The neural pathways grow and strengthen with direct benefits: lowers blood pressure, manage anxiety, lift depression and think creatively, more focused, manage pain and generally feel better and happier.

The serious science of studying meditation began in 1970 and the amazing scientific study was published in the prestigious journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. By 1976 a seven hundred page volume of papers from fifty-one institutions in thirteen countries had been published. Most recently intense studies led by Neuroscientist show numerous health benefits that strengthen the immune system. In fact meditating for half an hour provided more psychological rest than a full night’s sleep and you have greater energy. Modern scientist attends meditation retreats to improve cognitive and emotional skills.

November 2013 survey in Scientific American proved the effects of meditation and cited the following: Meditation not only changes brain neuronal interconnections but it also increases brain tissue volume, decreases the volume of amygdala, increases telomerase activity and diminishes inflammation and other biological stresses that occur at the molecular level.


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