Virus COVID-19

Virus COVID-19

Offering Higher Consciousness Perspective for Consideration

Rhona Jordan, Guided Imagery Therapist (714) 974 4094

There is higher knowledge/consciousness at work during the Chinese New Year of the White Yang Metal Rat, 2020.  The year of powerful change building new and stronger foundations.  The virus started in China, December 2019 and is the catalyst, the magnetic pull for the world’s people to come together and resolve the worlds pandemic for the good of the global community.

I am excited to be living during this time in history when the world is changing so quickly. The global planet and the collective people are in the process of raising our energy frequency and vibration.

Doctors, nurses, therapist, first responders, all people who serve humanity on the front lines are pulled together for the profound transformation.

The virus is referred to as COVID-19.  In the science of numbers, 19=10 and then reduced to #1.  The #1 always means New Beginnings.

Families are forced to stay home and talk to each other, neighbors are picking up grocery and med’s for other neighbors, the elderly are being looked after, and shelters are created for the homeless.

The peoples of earth will be better, kinder, compassionate, aware, enlightened.  New med’s will be developed because of the virus research and the world as we knew it will change for the better. The world’s people came together to survive and there is no difference in religion, nation, political, color or degree.  You are living history. 2020 is a time that future history books will always document.

YOU are part of the great change.

Buckle up the seat belt for the ride of your life.  Like a Carnival ride, there will be fast ups and downs, unexpected blindsided curves, flashing lights and dark tunnels.  Suddenly around a curve there is space filled with light.  The ride stops and we get off.  We acknowledge fear and cry at endings that were also beginnings, we just don’t’ know it at the time.

This is the time for individual evolution and to ask self

Who am I?

What do I want?

How can I serve?

Did I help someone?

Do I respond to fear with integrity and courage?

What will history say about my contribution?

Our greatest fear is we are powerful beyond measure.

You are more powerful than you know.

You are writing your story for history, make it grand.