Meditation Mantra for Love

Love is transcendental because it is beyond human limits

Love evokes miracles 

There is no way to achieve the condition or state of love other than being love

By Thomas Ashly-Farrand


A mantra is a spiritual sound formula and derives its power from the energy effects its sounds produce.  Pronouncing a mantra creates a particular physical vibration, in the form of sound that creates various effects in both the physical and subtle bodies.

When we are saying the mantra our intentions are superimposed on the physical vibration of the mantra increasing and strengthen the effect of the mantra practice.

When we pronounce a particular mantra while visualizing an internal organ bathed in light, the power of the mantra and the energy (prana) become concentrated in that organ with beneficial effects.

Primordial Sound Meditation Mantra is used silently by thinking it repeatedly to quite the mind and slip into the gap (the field of all possibility).

There are hundreds of spiritual sound formula mantras chanted out loud for 108 times, just few minutes or even several hours. Each mantra has a different effect on the body, mind. and spirit.

Spiritual Formula Mantras can used for:





Attract a mate

Healing different parts of the body including blood, glands, eyes

Pre- birth mantra to bring a spiritual advanced Soul into embodiment

Newborns for early spiritual enlightenment

Alter time/Master time


Healing from alcohol or marijuana

Fulfil wishes



Spiritual growth

Good luck

Remove obstacle inner or outer in life


When preparing food as medicine



Sexual organs healing

Mantras to invoke the powers of: Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Sun to support heath in your astrological chart.

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