Meditation Sleep Mantra

Meditation Sleep Mantra

Om Agasthi  Shaheena

(pronounced  “om ah-gaha-tee  sha-hee-na)


Deep sleep is a state of consciousness and dreaming is another state of consciousness. Om Agasthi Shaheena, the mantra for peaceful sleep and sweet dreams.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, don’t use the same mantra that you use in meditation.  Use the sleep inducing mantra Om Agasthi Shaheena.  The mantra works if you repeat it silently or out loud.  Start by saying it out loud three times, then soften the mantra to a whisper and then think the mantra silently until you fall asleep.

Mantra sounds can become the trigger for biological transformation, our health.   The sacred sounds also determine our ability to fulfill our desires during the waking state, the sleeping and dreaming state.

Sacred sounds bring about transformation in our awareness, redefine our sense of self, and is easily received by every cell in the body.

Peaceful sleep and sweet dreams

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