Imagery & Hypnosis are Everyday Normal Experiences

Before we had a verbal or written language, we used mental images in the mind. Guided Imagery is the language of the mind, the oldest form of healing on the planet because we have always had and used our imagination.

A perfect example is worry. Every one worries and plays the mental image over and over in the mind. When you worry, it creates a chemical change in your body. A lot of worry can compromise the immune system. When we change the pictures in the mind, we change the chemistry in the body.

Imagery is getting in touch with all your senses. Touch, taste, smell, feel see, or just know. Example: Imagine biting into a sour juicy lemon. Notice if you salivate or need to swallow just thinking about it.

Hypnosis is a common every day event that all people experience. A good example is when driving your car on the freeway and missing your exit…. you were thinking or concentrating on something. You were safe, in control, eyes open and still missed your exit. Another example is when a child is focused or concentrating on a snail on the sidewalk and he only hears you calling him when your voice finally reaches a high pitch, breaking him out of the snail trance.

While you are wide awake and allowing your body to experience a wonderful deep physical relaxation, the clinical hypnosis therapist offers you positive suggestions that are good for the body, so it is accepted by the mind.

Example: For a smoker who wants to stop smoking “Your lungs enjoy fresh air”.


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