The Babylonians used Imagery for Healing

Have you ever heard of overcoming challenges and easing discomfort from headaches, Fibromyalgia Irritable Bowel Syndrome, addiction, anxiety, obesity, osteoarthritis, pain or phobias and just about everything else you can imagine by simply using the powers of your mind and you feelings?

The Babylonians used Imagery for healing and we use the same successful folk medicine remedy today. It is so easy to use, because we are just tapping into the imagination. If you can worry, you can do imagery.

The triumph of spirit over pain or mind over matter is a component of most ancient healing traditions. We have always imagined getting well or being happier. You can reduce pain and improve mobility the same way.

Guided Imagery offers alternative healing modalities that are:

  • Inexpensive

  • Short term therapy

  • Easy to learn

  • No side effects

  • Everyone can learn to use imagery

  • Young children successfully use imagery

Children use imagery all the time in their story telling and while playing games that are created in their imagination.


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