Mental Imagery and Self Healing

Research information by David Bresler 

All people use Guided Imagery everyday. Guided Imagery is simply the formation of your mental impressions and feelings. Your thoughts can influence your bodies systems through those mental images.

  • The Autonomic Nervous System
  • The Immune/Inflammatory System

Open yourself up to the possibility of your mind body connection and find out how well your body can respond to the power of suggestion through imagery. An example is Hypnobabies for a comfortable child birth:

Guided Imagery can be an important tool for any type of self-healing. The successes of this therapy seem to depend upon the patient’s ability to recruit positive expectations. Each individual can believe it is possible for him or her to be better. That’s an important attitude for you to assume, so fire up your left and right hemispheres. Give yourself an honest chance to use all your inner resources and don’t give up to soon. Some people say: I am too severely injured or I have been in chronic pain for too long for this type of technique. However, we don’t yet know what the limitations of self healing and regeneration really are.

Change your Mind, Change your Body.


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