The Most Creative Act You Can Undertake…

The Most Creative Act You Can Undertake Is The Act of Creating Yourself

Deepak Chopra, M. D.

Using Imagery and Meditation is powerful, it is Creation…. You are taking direct action in the Quantum Field, by sending out the particle or the wave into the field of pure intelligence. You are part of all things not separate from anything or anyone.

The same atoms that just passed through your body, also passed through mine. We are billions of molecules spinning in space.

Meditation is accumulative and takes you into the “Gap” into the quantum field of all possibilities. Dr. Robert Wallace scientific research in 1967 concluded that he had verified an entirely new state of consciousness, The Fourth State.

Guided Imagery gathers your thoughts and desires and supports your focused expanded awareness. Meditation and Imagery are both powerful modalities and easy tools for creative thinking and healing.

We are spinning at 1000 miles per hour in the Milky Way traveling around the Sun. It takes us a full year to travel around the Sun from birthday to birthday.

We say “Many Happy Returns” on Birthday cards; it is not about the destination it is all about the journey. Each year we learn to pack lighter, letting go of the stuff that no longer serves and consciously gather good companions for the trip.

You are invited to travel around the Sun with Rhona, packing lighter than the year before, and enjoying each new adventure.


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