Pre-Surgical Guided Imagery

Study Shows Effectiveness of Pre-Surgical Guided Imagery

Blue Shield of California pre-surgical Guided Imagery study has made its way to journal publication. Deborah Schwab and her team officially reported their groundbreaking finds which have already had tremendous influence over the world of health plans for the past few years.

The study describes the Blue Shield of California Pre-surgical Guided imagery Program and assesses its impact on surgical outcomes, patient satisfaction and cost savings. Survey data was collected pre and post-surgery among 905 eligible health plan members.

Additionally, retrospective analysis of medical eligible health plan members. Additionally, retrospective analysis of medical claims for a subset of 126 hysterectomy patients were compared to similar patients who did not use guided imagery, for differences in length of stay and charges billed.                                                                   

Data revealed an adoption rate of 74% (extremely high for any voluntary patient education program). Patients who used the guided imagery intervention reported significantly reduced anxiety and high levels of satisfaction. A trend toward shorter hospital stays, as well as reduced pharmaceutical costs.

Total reduction in charges billed per procedure in the imagery patients, amounting to an average savings of $2,003.00. As one health plan official solemnly intoned upon seeing the data, “YOWZA”

A study of Efficacy and Cost-effectiveness of Guided Imagery as a Portable Self-Administered, Pre-surgical Intervention Delivered by a Health Plan, Advances in Mind Body Medicine Summer 2007 Vol 22 #1


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