Energies of 2020

Chinese New Year of the White Yang Metal Rat

 A Four year (Foundation) in the Science of Numbers

The Elders say it is the Year of the Puma (Mountain Lyon)

Western Astrology – The Year of Higher Awakening

Chinese Astrology, Zodiac Calendar

The Year of the White Metal Rat

 January 25, 2020 – February 11, 2021

The ancient story says that the little rat ran the fastest to reach the feet of the Buddha before all others.  Rat is the first symbol in the Chinese Zodiac and represents the beginning of a new 12-year cycle.

The Rat

Metal year with a strong Venus and Saturn influence

Water sign. Intelligent and intuitive, clever and gifted

Perpetual floating state between dream (water) and metal (reality)

This year is marked by radical positions and choices

Minimize risk taking and maximize chance of success

In the Chinese calendar, Year of the White Yang Metal Rat begins a new rotation cycle of the 12-year Zodiac signs.

Metal element affects all decisions made during this year to influence the next 12 years.

Metal represents Autumn, home, and harvesting.

Consider carefully the choices, decisions and actions made in 2020 as they will influence each of the 12 years through 2031.

Project your mind and plan from 2020 to 2031

Think of your life’s purpose

What do you want?

What action is needed?

What is your age in 2031?

How can you serve humanity?

What does your agenda have to do with your spirituality?

Elements that influence our daily existence

Each element is ruled by a planet and associated with a Roman god or a Roman goddess

Wood, ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet of in the solar system and named for the Roman King of the gods.

Fire is ruled by Mars, the red planet named for the Roman god of war.

Earth is ruled by Saturn and named after the Roman god of agriculture

Metal is ruled by Venus and named after the Roman goddess of prosperity

Water is ruled by Mercury and named after the Roman winged messenger god.

Earth creates Metal.  Saturn is an important planet this year. Mercury is not directly involved with the main elements during 2020 making it a little easier to navigate through the Mercury Retrograde periods.

Fire       Energy and action

Earth    Stability and rest

Metal   Tools and strength

Water   Connects and flows

Air         Wind and movement

Yin (Moon) and Yang (Sun)

Yin represents the subtle go with the flow or flowing energies

Yang represents the directed energy and action taken


January 31, 1900 – February 18, 1901, Yang Metal Rat

February 18, 1912 – February 05, 1913, Yang Water Rat

February 5, 1924 – January 24, 1925, Yang Wood Rat

January 24, 1936 – February 10, 1937, Yang Fire Rat

February 10, 1948 -January 28, 1949, Yang Earth Rat

January 28, 1960 – February 14, 1961, Yang Metal Rat

February 15, 1972 – February 02, 1973, Yang Water Rat

February 02, 1984 – February 19, 1985, Yang Wood Rat

February 19, 1996 – February 06, 1997, Yang Fire Rat

February 07, 2008 – January 25, 2009, Yang Earth Rat

January 25, 2020 – February 11, 2021, Yang Metal Rat

Colors and Business Contracts

2020 Lucky colors are gold, white, and blue.

Combinations of water (blue, black) and metal (gold, white, gray) allows fluidity, flexibility and success.

When signing a business contract, the colors gold, white, blue must be present in the direct environment during the signature. Easy for you to wear those colors in your clothing and accessories to balance the energy flow of the 5 elements.  Water prevents metal from being trapped in its ridged sharp state and brings clarity to business.


Lucky birth stone Watermelon Tourmaline, Balancing stone Rainbow Fluorite, Essential oil Lemongrass, Corrective elements wood, fire, earth

The Elders say 2020 is the Year of the Puma

 Puma means Powerful Animal in Peruvian.

Also known as the Mountain Lyon or Cougar.

Puma is the second largest cat after the Jaguar

The Puma stays behind, hidden and watches carefully.  The Puma plans before taking any action.  Puma only takes the action when he knows he will take the prey. The Puma is teaching us to do the same during 2020.

Western Astrology January 12, and 13, 2020 the powerful Saturn/Pluto conjunction is Capricorn.  Saturn and Pluto have the reputation of being the darkest, deepest and most intense planets in our solar system.  They are known to bring change, transformation endings, rebirths, awakenings and more.  2020 is filled with powerful potent cosmic alignment creating a life altering year. Pluto is about transformation, healing the shadow side, death and birth.  A potent time to restructure.

On a global level Pluto in Capricorn will put pressure on the banking systems, big corporations and the governments that are not aligned with truth.  2020 represents a journey of higher awakening

2020 Mercury Retrogrades

February 16, 2020 to March 9, 2020

June 17, 2020 to July 13, 2020

October 13, 2020 to November 3, 2020

During a Mercury retrograde, expect unexpected disturbances. Communication breaks down, computers fail so back it up before the retrograde begins.  Don’t do anything you don’t want to repeat like signing a contract, surgery, having a root canal or getting your car fixed.

Avoid purchasing things you can’t take back during this time.

Numerology, The Science of Numbers

Pythagoras, the father of our numbering system recognized numbers as mystical and spiritual.  If you ask an Astronaut what do numbers mean to you? The Astronaut would say that numbers are the language of the universe.

2020 the #4 year of a 9-year Universal Life Cycle (2+0+2+0 = 4)

The number four represents work. Use caution and do not jump into anything impulsively. During 2020 only take well thought out calculated risks.  Not a recommended year for thoughtless or unnecessary risk.

00 are symbols

The two zeros in the year 2020 are symbols rather than numbers. Mystical symbol in degrees of spiritualty and mysticism. An inherent spirituality, potential for deeper aspects of life’s purpose.

Year of Opportunity

2020, the four year, is building a firm foundation for you to stand on and build your life. What are you willing to let go of that no longer serves you: unresolved anger, the past, fear? You decide to let it go or pour it into the new foundation you are preparing.  Do you want the past in your new foundation? This is the year of opportunity to let go of all that no longer serves you and write a new story, create a new future, build a strong foundation.


If something is concerning, this is the year to take care of it.

If medical test is due, schedule it.

This year is not recommended to postpone or put off any procedures that supports your physical or emotional health foundation.


Does the foundation need repair?

Fix anything you have been putting off

Make sure all smoke detectors and home security systems are in order

Your home is for love, rest, relaxation, safety, nurturing, rejuvenating body, mind, spirit, and rebuild your energy.

Does anything need to be changed to make your home more comfortable?

Relationship with Self and Others

Reminder you are creating the foundation to see with clarity the big 12-year picture in each action

Unconditional love



Awaken your dreams, enhance intuition

Supporting others’ dreams personally and professionally

Purge wounds and heal the heart

Breathe in the action of creation

Allow new ideas, creativity

Acknowledge and awaken the source of creative inspiration

With intention, maneuver through times of change

Acknowledge your courage and strength

Speak with compassion, honesty, integrity, encouragement and hope

Work – Magnetic Energy

Work is filled with high energy activity and possibilities while planting the many emotional and physical seeds for our professional desires. What was previously invested during 2019 will increase your income during 2020. This is the time to renew strategies and ambitions.

Avoid misunderstandings regarding finances. No direct confrontation unless you are ready to defend your investments. Wisdom and diplomacy remain your best allies.

Every work environment decision is made with conscious awareness supporting your dreams and the foundation dreams of others.  A time to connect and share wisdom, insight and collectively build strong foundations for each other in the work environment. The seeds you plant will expand and grow.  True success is supporting others.  The Law of Attraction,

Like attracts like. Energy is magnetic. You are magnetic. Work is magnetic energy.

2020 offers the opportunity to build a strong magnetically charged foundation.

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