Energies of 2019, The 3 Year

2+0+1+9 = 12    1+2 = 3   A 3 year in the Science of Numbers

Birthing YOU, The Magical Child

The Year of the Earth Pig/Boar with Yin Earth and Yen Water elements

The year to acquire a Piggy Bank and stuff it with your written wishes

The Winter Solstice, December 21, 2018, was also the energetic event of merging into the new energies of 2019, the Magical Child.  The 3rd year of the 9-year cycle.

The Chinese New Year of the Pig/Boar, February 5, 2019 occurred on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice.

2019 Energy:

What great thing/things would you attempt if you knew you could not fail

Remind yourself you are magnificent: You are energy changing form, you are spinning molecules in space, you are made of electrons popping in and out of existence. You are more than this physical structure.  You are spirit borrowing a human form.  You are much more than you think you are.  YOU are powerful beyond measure.

The Yin Earth Year is combined with the Pig/Boar energy.  It allows us to be mindful and live in the now. This is the year to learn meditation, yoga, tai chi, to raise your awareness, your consciousness. Take a home inventory and keep only that which makes you happy and let everything else go.

This Earth/Pig year is good for business especially with service: helping humanity, helping someone find a home, helping them clean out or sell their stuff.  It is all about being comfortable and making other people comfortable. Bringing people together for community, eating, playing, peaceful, and resting this year.

Earth/Pig is very stable, calm, delightful, filled with pleasure and naps.

The Pig year is one of the best signs to be, it represents prosperity and good fortune.


January 30, 1911–February 17, 1912: Yin Metal Pig/Boar

February 16, 1923-February 4, 1924: Yin Water Pig/Boar

February 4, 1935-January 23, 1936: Yin Wood/Pig/Boar

January 22, 1947-February 9, 1948: Yin Fire Pig/Boar

February 8, 1959-January 27, 1960: -Yin Earth Pig/Boar

January 27,1971-January 15, 1972: Yin Metal Pig/Boar

February 13,1983-February 1 1984: Yin Water Pig/Boar

January 31,1995-February 18, 1996: Yin Wood Pig/Boar

February 18,2007-February 6, 2008: Yin Fire Pig/Boar

February 5,2019-January 24, 2020: Yin Earth Pig Boar

5 Element Influence our Daily Existence:

Fire,     Energy and action

Earth,  Stability and rest

Metal,  All material tools

Water,  Connects, flows

Air,        Wind, movement

Yin (Moon) and Yang (Sun)

Yin represents the subtle go with the flow or flowing energies

Yang represents the direct/directed energy, action

I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul

Be playful as the innocent child within, amazing energy of creative potential,

full expression, Goddess/feminine  energy, breathe the breath of creation, take the action of creation, recognize, accept new idea, acknowledge and awaken the source of creative inspiration, see the big picture with clarity, higher awareness using all five senses, experience higher consciousness, non-ordinary and ordinary reality, stimulate (by breath) the Pinal Gland for cosmic connection, re-invent self, step- in and tapped- in to  life, self-confidence, birth your own greatness, your wishes expressed, release illusions of what no longer serves you, activate inertia behind manifestation, re-package self, be the innocent divine magical child, embrace your own leadership, dream and solidity the dream to manifest, allow your gifts and talents to shine, awaken and discover the hidden creative potential. When you are in a higher state of consciousness/awareness, the memory of ancient wisdom awakens, and your divine talents and gifts are released into your consciousness. Break illusions of untruth that limit your soul story, new perspectives, new stories with no limits, birthing the sacred spark of creative potential contained within the primordial womb of the cosmos.  Create a vision board to plan and see what you are creating. The 3 year is perfect for vision creating, live in harmony with all beings with all creations.  Be in service to humanity, gratitude for self, everything you are, and the potential you are birthing.

Pythagorean Numerology: numbers are the language of the universe.

#3 A spiritual power, a vibrational frequency for manifestation in the universe.

Sacred Geometry, the Triangle

The #3 is the first number that forms a geometrical figure, the triangle. The 3 stands for harmony, wisdom and understanding. Some also say wisdom, love, power, or mother, father, child, or birth, life, death, or beginning, middle, end, or past, present, future.

When the triangle is upside down it represents “As above, so below”.  Each of your decisions affect everything in the seen realm and in the unseen realm.

The power to stand in three different realms at the same time merging present, past and future to gain insight is possible in the 3 year.

Spiritual Wisdom

Positive thinking is energy sent out into the quantum field becoming a particle or a wave for creation. Magnetically the action/desire of that focused thought is pulled to you.  It is a manifestation.  The #3 is manifestation.

Pineal Gland Activation, Third Eye: when stimulated can become a spiritual encounter with the cosmos. For information on the Pineal Gland, purchase Rhona’s latest books:

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