Consciousness: 15 Definitions


  15 Definitions



  1. Consciousness is everywhere & like the atom is explosive with creative forces
  2. Consciousness is in the flower, rock, or bird looking back at you
  3. Consciousness levels creates its own reality
  4. Consciousness was first and then the Universe formed
  5. Consciousness observes you and you observe it
  6.  Consciousness is life and death energy changing form
  7.  Consciousness higher levels are expanded cosmic expression
  8.  Consciousness is inspired thought, creation and action
  9. Consciousness is the field, womb of creation, pure potentiality
  10. Consciousness is the Universe expressing itself
  11. Consciousness and you co-create together
  12. Consciousness is your expression and existence
  13. Consciousness is infinite creativity
  14. Consciousness and all the Universes expand together

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